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Recycling Services in North Hollywood

We recycle as much of your demolition debris as possible. We are very environmentally conscious and provide this extra service for our customers free of charge.

Environmentally Friendly Demolition Services

We here at Local Demolition North Hollywood care deeply about the environment. We know that conditions are not at their best, but everybody can to their part to improve the health of our planet. One of the ways that we try to contribute to a better future is through our recycling services. When we perform any type of demolition there is always a large ammount of debris and old materials that need to be hauled away. More often than not these mateials are perfectly fine to recycle. We sort through everything we haul away from a demolition site and recycle as much as we absolutely can. On average we recycle about 75% of the debris from our demolition jobs, with some reaching as high as 90%! We are always looking for ways to increase this number.

Lower Costs All Around

One of the benefits of recycling demolition debris is the money that comes from it. Just you might get a credit back for recycling soda cans, we too get some money back for recycling all of the demolition materials. We use this extra cash to offset the price of your demolition. Through recycling demolition debris everybody wins. Our customers recieve cheaper demolition work and we are protecting the environment at the same time.

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