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Hauling and Disposal Services in North Hollywood

Hauling and disposal services can be very stressful. But worry no more, we are just a call or click away.

Taking Out the Trash

Regardless of the type of demolition our customers need, a large ammount of debris is generated from these services. These materials need to be hauled away from the demolition site and taken to either be recycled or tossed in a landfill. Some demolition companies will expect the customer to handle this part of the job, requiring that they hire additional services and rent a dumpster for the duration of the demolition. With Local Demolition North Hollywood all of that trouble is taken care of for you. We come with our own bins to load up the debris and then carry it off. This is included with all of our demolition services.

Helping Things Run Smoothly

It's important that demolition be done in a clean space free of excess debris. We continually clean up the site as we are working so that our team does not have to worry about stepping around large pieces of demolition debris while they are working. Keeping things clean ensures that the demolition work will run smoothly, and leaves everybody involved much safer.

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